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Electronic Repair & Reverse Logistics Services
From Tele-Source Industries Inc.

At Tele-Source we have been involved in the repair of electronic boards, electronic plastic cases, LCD’s and plasma displays, electronic IC chips, steel and aluminum frames and carriers, as well as peripheral electronic items such as wire, terminals, power supplies, hard drives, floppy drives, CD’s, DVD’s, and packaging materials for over 15 years.

Electronic Repair and Business Phone Repair

Our first choice in electronic recycling is “perfect recycling,” in which the item is tested, and remanufactured at our facility , and is returned to the user in fully operational condition, or sold to a new user for its original intended operation. This accounts for over 80% of our recycling efforts.

Our electronic recycling program does not include consumer products or hazardous waste, such as broken CRT screens and televisions and we do not send materials that are in any way recyclable to land fills. We reuse our internal packaging, recycle all corrugated cardboard, sort and recycle all plastics and send electronic boards for refining in sealed gaylords with weights and grades noted.

In short, we are ever working to improve and “green” our methods and facility. As part of this concept, we have experienced crews that can come to your facility in Ohio, Michigan or Indiana to de-install phone systems, key or PBX that you no longer want to operate, but do not want improperly handled or improperly processed.

The cost is low to you, the business operator, and the satisfaction of knowing that your electronics are properly redeployed or recycled is important. Call us at 419 893 1001, or 1 800 544 0059 to ask what reverse logistics services we can provide and when we can visit your facility to pick up these business electronic products.
We offer a wide range of available reverse logistic services. We are able to send teams throughout the United States to de-install equipment from site locations. The de-installation of this equipment may include any technology inventory including telephony, computer, Internet, test equipment and assembly lines. If needed, partially processed inventories as well as office furniture and libraries may be moved as well. These categories of equipment can be moved by common carrier, or air ride truck, depending on client need.

In high security applications, the products may be palletized and black shrink-wrapped to prevent outside inspection.  Individual pallets can be bar coded and bar code scanned for future inventory control by the client. An individual bar code can be created for every single item collected, if the client so desires. In addition, we will transport sensitive equipment in trucks under our own control, should there be customer requests. We will work with you to develop a reverse logistics program designed for your specific goals.

Reverse Logistics Programs and
"Green " Electronic Repair

The material may be transported to a location of the customer's choice, or to our facility, centrally located in Ohio at the junction of Interstate 90 and I-75. From this location we can have guaranteed delivery back to the client in 1 to 2 days throughout the continental United States. Customer supervision of the off loading of their equipment and storage in their private containerized space is suggested when the product is highly perishable or requires high security.

Such items might be sensitive test equipment, unfinished research and development projects, close tolerance electronic parts or items that might be easily lost or stolen without close supervision. The individualized spaces are climate controlled, alarmed, are locked by the customer and left so until needed.

Other less volatile inventories can easily be transported through ground courier services and be received by our company for standard storage until needed.  With individualized spaces as small as 200 square feet, to as large as 8,000 square feet, there is no other high tech oriented company with our available services.

Some inventories may be moved to our facility with the intention that they be liquidated. We have performed this procedure for many large vendors in the computer and telephony fields over the past 15 years.  We are able to move the inventory, assess its value and report its condition to its owner. At this point, we can expose the inventory to the market place for sale, in whole or in part, or repair of the inventory as directed.

In addition, several of our clients have asked us to refurbish or remanufacture products to be main-streamed back into their systems. We currently remanufacture VoIP phone systems, as well as public communication and inmate phone systems as well as business phone system equipment. We are able to customize a reverse logistics or electronic repair program to satisfy the needs of each client. 

As an example, some clients prefer that we simply sort the inventory as viable for remanufacture, or not economical to repair (NETR). These clients then ask us to forward their viable product to their contract remanufacturer and then either sell or repair of the balance under their direction. This allows our clients to receive the highest reuse factor from materials returned from the field.

In short, we offer customized services to solve the problems associated with reverse logistics of equipment, inventories, and retired materials. Our focus is to return the highest possible value to the vendor, at the lowest possible risk. Please contact us about creating a reverse logistics or electronic recycling program for your business unit.
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