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Tele-Source Industries Inc.
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At Tele-Source, we specialize in Network Cabling, Fiber Optics & Network Switch trouble-shooting.

Category 5, Category 5E, and Category 6 wiring make up the majority of Digital wiring installations completed within the Tele-Source Service area. We have installed hundreds of these cable runs for our clients. Our crews are able to install, and speed certify, all cabling runs, as well as Fiber Optic runs, and Fiber Optic terminations. In many cases these cabling runs begin or end at a Network switch.

Network switches come in many flavors.  At Tele-Source we service all 3Com switches, which we carry in stock, as well as switches from most other manufacturers. These are in use both in Category 5, 5E, and 6 Cabling Runs, as well as Fiber Optic Runs. We service both managed, and unmanaged switches, for both Fiber Optic and Category 5 Network LAN uses.

Category 5, (Cat 5 cabling) and Fiber Optic
Cable Installations & Trouble Shooting

We do installations of RJ 45 Ethernet Jacks, Ethernet Extension Cables, and Ethernet Cabling Runs for computers and local area networks. We also service Category 5, and  fiber optic cable runs in air plenums, ceilings, and thread them through walls and crawl spaces. In many cases we can test and repair cable runs already in place, to save the client time and money.

In addition, we trouble-shoot and install Category 3 wiring, which is the original telephone wiring used on many business phone systems, which have been in service for over 7 years. These older business systems use RJ11 jacks and Category 3 wiring, and many of these systems are still very viable. We repair these systems, Cards and Business phones, as well.

A common use of fiber optic runs, rather than the more traditional Category 5, Category 5E, or Category 6 installations, is in uses over long distances. Fiber Optic cabling can carry signals, at full strength, much farther than traditional wiring, without the boost of a switch. Alternately, in runs over 300 feet, a switch can be added to a Category 5, 5E or 6 wiring run, and allow full signaling, at distances up to 1,000 feet.

All of these cabling systems, Category 3 installs, Category 5, 5E, 6 wiring, and Fiber Optic Cables runs, are serviced by our crews. We are very cost competitive in placing cable, for current and new clients. Many times we are asked to provide additional services, after a cable run has been restored. These may include, computer network placement, router and firewall programming, or business phone system analysis.

Call us at 1 800 544 0059 or 419 893 1001 to see how we can add consistency and value to your Local Area Network cabling and Fiber Optic Cable Runs.

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